Three children have a special deep friendship that will change forever. First their area where they live goes under construction making their families move. Sounds like Goonies? Right before this move, 2 days to be exact, (sounds more like Goonies), they receive strange signals from their phones. They meet up with another schoolmate named Emma. They all start to research on these strange happenings. They find a tiny alien who came to earth and is now stranded. The alien asks for their assistance to find his way back home. It is an adventure and an amazing story of imagination. Similar to E.T.?

Entertainment Earth to Echo Backlit T3 Display

Olson Visual created an amazing backlit graphic for this movie. They used their new product, the T3. T3 is a  system that allows you to create almost anything by connecting and reconnecting. It allows you to reconfigure your booth into a stage or for a one-night event and then back into a booth for the next day. It can allow you to turn a booth into a retail display by replacing your graphics with a veneer finish such as fabric, wood, or brushed nickel. For more information visit this link: