Olson Visual


We are a global provider of visual marketing stunts. We cater to major entertainment entities, elite brands, and corporations. From our full service studio we design, build, and display distinctive exhibits, and graphics that feature your story.




Bob and Jeannette Olson founded the Photo Blow-Up Lab on April 1, 1954. They specialized in black and white enlargements in the professional photography industry. Six years later, they reached a wider audience including famous Hollywood celebrities. In 1984 they passed their business onto their sons: Rick, Dan, and Tom. The brothers changed the name to Olson Color Expansions and enlarged the business to museums, events, and trade shows. In the 1990’s the company stopped providing fiber-based paper and relayed fully on machine-processes. Their clientele expanded from walk-ins to larger businesses. So, they began to work with various theaters in Hollywood and Santa Monica. Next, the company went completely digital and acquired new state-of-the-art machines.

This equipment exceeded the space on Beverly Blvd. and in 2006, the company purchased the current property on Weber Way in Hawthorne. With the constant increase in graphics and displays, their name became what it is today: Olson Visual. OV may have expanded to a larger company but it still remains a family-run business with the same personable touch of Bob Olson’s Photo Blow-up lab.