X-Men Days of Future Past takes place in many different time periods. In 1973 robots were created for the sole purpose of killing mutants. Fifty years later, humans were also killed if proven that they were helping mutants. The X-Men start to battle these robots but these killing machines adapt every time to mutants capabilities. Instead, Charles Xavier decides to travel in time and change the course of history before the birth of these battle bots. Kitty Pryde is contacted to see if they can tap into someone’s consciousness from the past. Unfortunately, pryde can only go back a few weeks without harming the person. So, Logan volunteers to risk himself and go back. They sought out for Mystique who was responsible for the robots ability to adapt. Logan sets out to got to a young Charles from the past to ask for help.

Olson Visual did graphics for the X-Men movie for multiple cities in the Los Angeles Area. Some of the theatres include:  Pasadena, Beach Cities, Sherman Oaks, ArcLight Hollywood, and La Jolla. Check out these images of our backlit graphics. They are quite large-scale and high quality.

Sherman Oaks
Sherman Oaks
IMG_1335 copy Pasadena LB
IMG_3263 copy Beach Cities
Beach Cities
IMG_1342 copy Long Beach Cities
Long Beach Cities