Phantom Thread is an American drama starring Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It is set in London’s couture fashion world in the year 1954. Day-Lewis is the world-renowned fashion designer, Reynolds Woodcock who takes a waitress as his muse.

Woodcock creates clothing for the super rich and high society members. He is a genius at his craft but also controlling and abusive. He is haunted by his dead mother and stitches text into the inner-innings of the garments.  Then, he becomes interested in a young waitress and she decides to move in and become his lover, assistant, and muse. Reynolds starts to become aloof and makes Alma, the waitress, eager to please. This leads to fights because he just doesn’t pay enough attention to her. He is instead, married to his work.

Phantom Thread was nominated for multiple Academy Awards including Best Picture, Actor, and Director. It took home one Oscar, Best Costume Design.

Olson Visual installed numerous graphics for the film. Two of the best examples are a large outside banner and a prop and display. Check out these images of our work.