Olson Visual’s recent installation of a gigantic 40 foot high X 32 foot wide banner for Paramount’s 3D re-release of TITANIC continues a long standing Hollywood Tradition of Showmanship of placing giant attention getting cut-outs and banners on the tower of Los Angeles’ iconic Regency Village Theatre in Westwood.

To put it in perspective…this banner is 1.7 times bigger than KING KONG (who was 24 feet tall) and 171 times bigger than a one sheet poster.

It took Olson Visual over 5 hours, 2 cranes and 5 workers to install this humongous banner on the historic tower.

The 170 foot high Village Theatre tower can be seen from most any vantage point in Westwood Village and is considered the symbol of this LA suburb, home of another institution…UCLA.  In fact, UCLA has placed the Village Theatre tower on the front cover of its official magazine.

In a future posting, I will showcase some eye-catching giant displays that have adorned this historic landmark over the years.