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As we approach Oscar Time, I’m reminded of growing up watching the Academy Awards telecasts with my family. Mom would make snacks for us to nibble on while watching the show. As a kid, I didn’t care too much about “who won what” as much as just “who” was there—the movie stars. As I grew up watching more movies, I added my enthusiasm to the specific nominees.

When I came to Los Angeles in 1967 and started working in movie theatres before beginning my 30 years at Warner Bros., I couldn’t wait for Hollywood’s annual love fest to the movies—and themselves.

The Academy Awards ceremony is the one American event that the whole world knows about and watches…more than the Super Bowl. Because movies are universally experienced and loved as opposed to football being mostly popular in America.

For me personally, the Oscar Show is a way to link all of us worldwide who love movies in one 3 hour plus event. It is the biggest and most effective publicity stunt that Hollywood can put on to call attention to itself and it always works. It doesn’t matter what the TV ratings for the telecast are from year to year. The Academy Awards is truly an American institution that should always be celebrated.

Many movie fans have annual Oscar parties, although probably not as elaborate as the ones thrown by the Academy or the Studios. It doen’t matter…as long as people who love The Movies gather together to celebrate this universally loved art form.


Q: What year was the First Academy Awards presented?
A: In 1929 at a private brunch at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Q: Who holds the record for hosting the most Oscar shows?
A: Bob Hope hosted the show 18 times!

Q: Clint Eastwood produced & directed 2 movies which won Best Picture Oscars. What are their titles?

Q: What was the only film directed by Martin Scorsese to win the Best Director Oscar?
A: “THE DEPARTED” (2007)

Q: MGM’s “GONE WITH THE WIND” won 10 Academy Awards—a record that was unbroken for 20 years until another MGM movie won 11 Academy Awards. What was the name of that movie which starred Charllton Heston?
A: “BEN HUR” (1960)

Q: What was the only Woody Allen movie to win the Best Picture Oscar?
A: “ANNIE HALL” (1978)

Q:  What year was the “In Memorium” segment introduced where the Academy paid tribute to those who made a significant contribution to the movies who died in the preceeding 12 months?
A: 1993

Q: Does the winner of the Oscar statuette actually own it?
A: As long as the winner keeps it. But neither the winners nor their heirs may sell the statuettes without first offering to sell them back to the Academy for $1 US currency. If the winner does not sign an agreement to that effect, the Academy keeps the statuette.

Q: How many Oscar statuettes are made each year for the Academy Awards Ceremony?
A: 50

Q: What movie star is most credited with naming the Academy Award statuette “Oscar”?
A: Bette Davis named it after her first husband Harmon Oscar Nelson.

Q: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was originally conceived by a major studio mogol as a prefessional honorary organization to help promote the film industry. What studio head was it?
A: MGM’s Lous B. Mayer

Q:  What was the only rated-X movie to ever win the Best Picture Oscar?                                                                                                                        A:  “MIDNIGHT COWBOY”  (1970)

  1. Loved your writing! It takes a person back to when movie going was an “event”. When growing up in a small town made it so special, a part of the cultural fabric. Such a special time to see Tarzan, Robinhood and all the great classics! Grandma was a cashier, movies were 25 cents and it was the highlight of the weekend! Keep up the good writing!

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