Olson Visual works on Pacific Visions and Mudskipper for Aquarium of the Pacific

Olson Visual created many graphics for the Aquarium of the Pacific this last year. This included the Pacific Visions and Mudskipper exhibitions. Check out these images of the mural, window graphics and the T3 backlit. Mudskippers are a unique fish that can live in both land and underwater. Their name derives from their ability to climb and hop on land using their fins. These animals are native to Indonesia, the Indian Ocean, and Africa. The exhibit is now on view with two species of the mudskippers at Harbor Terrace. This is located on the eastern side of the main building on the ground floor. http://www.aquariumofpacific.org/exhibits/harbor_terrace/                                       Pacific Visions is a new wing of the Aquarium of the Pacific. It will be an educational center focusing on the oceanic world. The exterior will… read more →