Olson Visual installs banners, murals, and fine art prints for Anna Maria Maiolino at MOCA

Anna Maria Maiolino was born in Italy during the war under fascist ruling. She was displaced a second time under military dictatorship of the country she resided most of her life in Brazil. These displacements influenced her work. She is part of a group of Latin American female artists who reacted to South American dictatorships. They were part of a resistance that inspired their work. Historically speaking, this movement only included men and ignored the women’s perspective until now. In contrast, women used their bodies in their work. Maiolino’s work explored her role as a citizen and mother. For example, her photograph, “By a Thread” (1976), she places herself between her daughter and mother. It was to show three generations and how she still creates as a mother. In “They are on the Table” the artist has clay objects that are shaped as baked goods. The title announces a dinner… read more →