Blended is comedy that stars the charming Drew Barrymore and funny man, Adam Sandler. It’s a Brady Bunch inspired plot where two families end up on the same family vacation in Africa, after a disastrous first date. Unfortunately, the critics did not like this movie. It got only a 14% rating. I saw Blended and I have to agree with the critics. It was a bit contrite and had some terrible stereotypes but it is a family movie. Unlike, Sandler’s more graphic adult comedies, this was a movie that you could bring your whole family to. It had an innocence that you don’t see with Sandler’s films very often. It wasn’t hilarious. It wasn’t serious but any age could watch the film. This doens’t happen very often in movies today. Although, I the singing could have been left out.

On a positive note, Olson Visual delivered an amazing marquee at the Grove. This backlit graphic, was nicely illuminated. Check out these fantastic pictures of this product.

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