MOCA recently reinstalled Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Questions). The original first premiered in 1990 and was a political statement to provoke a discourse of democracy. The graphic is quite bold and almost three-stories tall. It reads, “WHO IS BEYOND THE LAW? WHO IS BOUGHT AND SOLD? WHO IS FREE TO CHOOSE? WHO DOES TIME? WHO FOLLOWS ORDERS? WHO SALUTES LONGEST? WHO PRAYS LOUDEST? WHO DIES FIRST? WHO LAUGHS LAST?”

It is a statement that is bold and direct. The design was inspired by the American flag with it’s lines of long text representing the stripes. In the 90s it was considered radical and became a backdrop to the LA riots (seen in the picture above). Now the mural has become an important historical political piece. Artist Barbara Kruger responds, “It’s tragic and sad that there is still resonance on these issues.”

Olson Visual was proud to have printed and installed such an important piece to art and to history. Check out our work below.