Olson Visual worked on the continuing permanent exhibition Becoming Los Angeles at Natural History Museum. It’s the story of LA and how it started as a tiny pueblo to a large sprawling city. Visitors will see how the Native people have shaped this city through artifacts on display. There is also a story on the great depression and the wild wild west. Charlie Chaplin and women’s labor movement are also apart of this narrative. Some of the items to not miss are: a sewing machine from Alpert of Hollywood, Betty Grable’s Red Tutu, Vaquero Saddle, Tongva Beads, and Toshiba Transistor Radio. The Natural History Museum Los Angeles President Lori Bettison-Varga explained, “In the last several years, the Museum has become increasingly focused on community and our goal with these changes is to help people see themselves, and their communities, within the complicated intersections of nature and culture in L.A. This exhibition has always looked back at LA’s Native Americans, at settlers, rancheros, captains of industry, boosters, radicals, and inventors, but we wanted it to do more. We wanted to look around Los Angeles today.”

We worked alongside Cinnabar (http://cinnabar.com), a creative company for museums and cultural institutions. Olson Visual and Cinnabar have worked on many projects together and believe in collaboration is important to the production process. Check out these images of our collaborative work and go see the exhibition!