Marvel Comic inspires another super hero film, Deadpool 2. It is the second installment of  the Deadpool character and considered apart of the eleven  X-men film series. The plot entails Deadpool forming his own team called X-force to keep a child mutant from the evil Cable character. Ryan Reynolds stars as the main character alongside Josh Brolin. The film was released in the US on May 18th of this year and was a box office hit. It was the sixth highest grossing film of 2018 at $734 million. Critics gave praise for its fun humor and action. It was also considered better then the first film.

Olson Visual created numerous graphics for this action-packed film. They installed window graphics in Lincoln Square, New York City. They also installed backlit graphics using their T3 System, prop and display graphics, and stretched material in Los Angeles. Check out our images below of the work we did.

Deadpool 3 is already in development and will be released in the near future.