Olson Visual was recently awarded the prestigious G7 Certification.  Developed by IDEAlliance, G7 produces the most consistent color reproduction by balancing the grays.  Visible colors of magenta, cyan or yellow appear when images are balanced.  This is commonly known as “casted” images.  G7 allows the printer to adjust the luminance visibly without test strips or tedious percentages as used in other methods.  It displays the colors of the press operator exactly what the color should look like.  It duplicates the exact color every time, making G7 the most efficient driving force for accurate color duplication.  This application enables Olson Visual to reproduce a visual match between different imaging systems using simple procedures.

Olson Visual is proud to be certified in the G7 Method, the new industry standard of printing.  Olson Visual is known for using the most advanced systems and technological equipment.  With Olson Visual, you get the most trusted expertise in design, production and installation of large format visuals and are the leader in high quality products without the sacrifice of the environment.  In continuing our commitment to Green Technology, Olson Visual has three printers that use water-based HP latex inks.

For more information on Olson Visual’s newest products and equipment, visit our website:  www.olsonvisual.com.