Connecting Seas draws on the Getty Research Institute’s extensive special collections to reveal how adventures on other continents and discoveries of different cultures were perceived, represented, and transmitted in the past, when ocean travel was the primary means by which people and knowledge circulated.


Olson Visual created some amazing graphics. First, their floor graphics are quite spectacular. They are both durable and easy to take off. They also had installed murals throughout the exhibition that came to life by expanding to the ground. The window graphic is strategically placed by taking up a portion of the window. It’s seamless.

Featuring rare books and maps, photographs and panoramic vues d’optique, prints, and even Napoleon’s monumental folios on Egypt, the exhibition traces the fascinating course of scholarly investigation and comprehension of cultures in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.


Intriguing works from around the world, dating from the 16th to the 21st century, chart diverse narratives of discovery, exploration, commerce, and colonization, and illuminate the multiple levels of encounter at the roots of today’s globalization.


Connecting Seas will be the first exhibition in the Research Institute’s newly expanded galleries.

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Through April 13, 2014
Location: Research Institute Galleries I and II, Getty Center