One could wonder…”Why would I read a blog from a vendor?” That’s a good question…Why would you?

Our entertainment industry is a close-knit small world of the same people who usually migrate from one gig to another…but everyone knows each other. Clients, therefore, usually deal with the same vendors.

OLSON VISUAL is one such vendor and has served most of Hollywood’s entertainment companies for almost 60 years.

I’ve known the owners of Olson Visual now for over 23 years. I met Rick Olson when I was at Warner Bros. and looking for a vendor to make photo blow-ups for movie theatre lobbies. So I started working with Rick and haven’t stopped…even after leaving WB.

While working with Rick on various early projects, I soon realized that he was not just a vendor but in reality…my Project Partner. I loved brainstorming out-of-the-box ideas with Rick on how to make a splash on the crowded competitive canvas. He was also an invaluable source of HOW to execute the project in the most efficient and cost effective ways.

Rick is constantly looking for the next original idea to help his clients…and therein lies the main reason for this blog and why YOU should read it. Rick has gathered a staff of talented craftsmen who are lightning rods to the latest technological and artistic ideas.

Besides being a forum for new marketing ideas, this blog will also include postings covering all facets of the entertainment community which Olson Visual serves. It will offer helpful suggestions on how to get your message out there via publicity stunts, promotions and visuals that will get the attention you want. We will also have “conversations” with members of our entertainment community and some fun stories about Hollywood…Old and New.

What you will NOT see on this blog is:
Client Company Secrets Revealed — No company secrets of our clients will ever be revealed. Any stories about our projects with our clients will NOT include any sensitive information and will be posted AFTER the project is completed.

So there you are…
Our Very First Blog! We hope you will check back on a weekly basis and feel free to comment on our postings. We definately welcome your responses and any suggestions you may have on how to make this blog work for you!

Ron Chan, Editor

  1. This takes me back to one of my first jobs in the business. I was about 18 years old and already working for a small distributor who also owned a tiny theatre at Westport in Kansas City, MO. We only had midnight screenings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” I worked the theatre concessions,served as ticket taker, the projection and cleaning crew. It was a blast! But I had all the energy in the world and I’m still having fun.

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