Olson Visual works on MOCA Pacific Design Center Rick Owens Show

Olson Visual worked on MOCA Pacific Design Center’s exhibition Rick Ownes:  Furniture. The Parisian fashion and furniture designer that influenced much of design today. Owens started his journey in 1994, here in Los Angeles. His pieces resonate the modernist era using strong forms. In 2007, he started using different materials such as bronze, marble, ox bone, concrete, leather, and alabaster. The large two-story sculpture found in the center of the room was purely made out of alabaster. It referenced the 1960s period of monochramtic paintings. Alongside his work are the paintings from the late artist, Steven Parrino, who influenced much of his work. Both come out of Parisian design and have a strong sense of minimal form with distorted effects. Parrino does this with misshaped canvases while Owen distorts using texture. Both find “high” and “low” culture in their work such as film noir and cult horror movies. They also… read more →