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What is T3?

T3 is a patented connection system that allows you to create any configuration you need. You can reconfigure your booth into a fashion runway or stage for a one-night event and then back into a booth for the next day. It can allow you to turn a booth into a retail display by replacing your graphics with a veneer finish such as fabric, wood, or brushed nickel.

Reconfigurable and Reusable

T3 is a system made up of parts that can be used in many different ways. You won’t need to purchase different sets with a bit of planning ahead. You can design different configurations while reusing the same T3. For example, if you purchased a 20’ x 10’ booth, you can also make a 10’ x 10’ structure for your smaller shows.

No Tools Required

It is hard to believe that large structures can be assembled without tools, but believe it. Almost anyone can twist and lock each piece together.

Lifetime Guarantee

All the aluminum and plastic parts carry a lifetime guarantee.


Simple to Assemble

The T3 is a simple system based around a connector and interlocking tube. The 33mm tube is capped with a cross shaped bayonet. This fits into a cube connector by a simple twist and lock action. The tube comes in several profiles according to the kind of panel to be attached or the type of structure to be created.

Just fol­low the easy to read charts that are provided with each T3 System kit. You will immediately feel the ease of the twist and lock system. Once the aluminum structure is constructed, graphic film or other substrates can be applied using magnetic tape or Velcro. Fabric graphics can be installed by sewing on a silicone edge bead that fits into a T3 accessory channel. This will make the graphic tight and wrinkle free.


How to Start

Give us your requirements, sketches, and ideas and we will make sure all of the details are covered. Some of the specifications will include: booth size, graphics, assembly, shipping requests, and electrical requirements. Once you’ve receive a detailed layout of your design, the final discussions on price and scheduling can begin. We will help you actualize your vision.


We Provide

We have the expertise that will make your custom modular display something to be proud of. We provide: the details on the design, how it will be installed, the amount of people it will take, how compact the final packing will be, and the cost of shipping,. We can also offer more then one design to give you several different ways the T3 can be utilized. Other options available are podiums, flat panels for video displays, or storage ideas. We are here to help you create the best experience for your clients and customers.



The T3 System offers many accessories to help customize your booth or display. Curved bars can be fabricated from the standard aluminum stock. There are notched plastic sections that can give your booth different looks. Backlit images can dramatically give your display impact. Wheels, lights, feets, doors, and flat screen mounts are also available. Let us know your vision and we will suggest the right accessories to make it come together.





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