Get the scoop on the “Gangnam Style”

The world is being swept over by Anish Kapoor’s politically charged video. You must be asking what is “Gangnam Style”? It is a style of video originating in Korea but it is also a Korean neologism that associates fashion and lifestyle.

Recently the renowned artist, Ai Weiwei created a provacative and highly politicized video about the constraints of Chinese people. It portrayed hands being cuffed together both rythmically and symbolically in the trendy “Gangnam Style” way. The video went viral and the government banned the video from being online. It was taken down within 24 hours. In respect to Ai’s video, Turner prize sculptor Anish Kapoor created his own “Gangnam Style” video.

It is now an international phenomenon. LACMA and MOCA have both joined forces in producing videos alongside these artists.

Check out the hype.