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Olson Visual is a full-service large-format digital graphics provider for the entertainment, museum, retail, and event markets. We collaborate with project managers, designers, and studio exhibitors when producing your display. Our firm helps you tell your story through fabrication, installation, and smart design. We work with a wide range of clients in large and small businesses, while always providing the same personable touch. With our innovative products, sixty years of expertise, and a dedicated staff, we can make an impact in any project or location. That’s why we are the trusted experience for design, build, and display.

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Olson Visual is the leader in the graphic industry but they are also recognized for being proactive in the eco-movement. This includes our green initiative of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Below are programs our company participates in and policies that allows us to minimize our environmental impact. Please visit our green page for more information.

Please feel free to browse our website to read more on our company’s history, the press we have received, the wonderful clients we work with, and our qualified staff.

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